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that poverty because she lumberjacks a decent education or a health care or a community that views her future as their own it should offend all of us. the combined trends of declining mobility it poses a threat to our way of life. what drives me as a zbroond, a son, a father, as an american is to make sure that every striving hard-working optimistic kid in america has the same incredible chance that this country gave me. >> the current minimum wage is $7.25, adjusted for inflation. that's more than $3 less than the minimum wage was back in 1968. president obama said he'll support a senate bill to increase the minimum wage to $10.10 but not going to be easy. >> what would the prospects of that be not only in the senate but the house? >> they are not good. it would be easier to do that than to increase taxes on the wealthy at this point in time because that's been ruled off the table by congressional republicans. if you're going after inequality with those brunt instrument, minimum wage would be easier to do. income in equality, the historical trends are staggering. with respect to fast food wo
. they will pour resources into helping to improve the education of every child growing up in their native land. mandela greatly valued education. he once said education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. >> education was just very, very important to my grandfather. education is one of his things that he's so passionate about. every single one our family was educated. because he said when you're educated nobody else can take it away from you. >> for their support, for their love, for their dedication towards my father and the family. to thank them for their prayers and comfort during this difficult time. >> our thanks to the mandela family for sharing their father with the world. in the words of else in mandela, for to be free is not nearly to cast off ones chains but to live in a way that enhances the freedom of others. his daughter says he achieved that through the practice of peace and reconciliation. >> thank you, kelly. there are some new concerns over so-called energy drinks. accord to a brand-new study, those beverages can pose a serious risk to your heart
to education in a test given to 15-year-olds around the entire world, american students were far below average in math and only about average in science and reading. the top five scores in each subject were from shanghai, china, singapore, hong kong, tie wand and south korea. way down in 36th place, the united states. now with our panel christiane amanpour, jeffrey toobin, amy holmes and phil harper author of "letters ton in cars rated brother" and star of usa network's "covert affairs." what do you make of the study? >> it apparently has happened over the last 30 years. we used to be number one, number one in college graduates, number one in math and science. and what popped out to me in the study is the disparity of how much in shanghai which is number one, how competitive it is to get a job as a teacher, how height salaries are. that it's considered a great job. >> same in finland. like the top 10% of graduates get the jobs as teachers. that's not the case here. >> very respected job. >> right and rewarded as well. which is obviously also an issue sometimes. although it seems in the united
to the 15th during computer science education week. >> the idea is to get a one-hour basic introduction to the field that is sort of behind this veil of mystery, this veil that separates the average person from the mark zuckerburg. >> reporter: to help educators introduce the topic to students, has compiled a range of lessons. mark zuckerburg may not draw them in, but angry birds might. >> each level you progress through the game you're learning a little bit more how computer science works. >> reporter: westboro middle school in south san francisco is one of 10,000 schools across the globe planning to participate. >> gets them really to understand how to go about doing certain tasks and understanding the benefits of technology. >> reporter: hour of code is backed by dozens of tech companies and luminaries like twitter co-founder jack dorsey and bill gates. >> i wrote a program that played ticktacktoe. >> reporter: file sharing service dropbox is donating storage for the event. ceo drew howston hopes students get as hooked on coding as he did. >> my dad showed me how to write my
card when it comes to the education your kids may be getting here in the united states. when you see how poorly american students do compared to the rest of the world in a new test, you might have tough questions for educators. >>> new details in the "fast and furious crash" the car in question, 600 horses, incredibly quick reflexes and potentially deadly if pushed too far. la's known definitely for its traffic, congestion, for the smog. but there are a lot of people that do ride the bus. and now that the buses are running on natural gas, they don't throw out as much pollution into the air. so i feel good. i feel like i'm doing my part to help out the environment. it's lots of things. all waking up. connecting to the global phenomenon we call the internet of everything. ♪ it's going to be amazing. and exciting. and maybe, most remarkably, not that far away. we're going to wake the world up. and watch, with eyes wide, as it gets to work. cisco. tomorrow starts here. yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm
hash tag "ac 360." >>> next, grim report card when it comes to the education your kids may be getting here in the united states. when you see how poorly american students do compared to the rest of the world in a new test, you might have tough questions for educators. >>> new details in the "fast and furious crash" the car in question, 600 horses, incredibly quick reflexes and potentially deadly if pushed too far. people don't have to think about where their electricity comes from. they flip the switch-- and the light comes on. it's our job to make sure that it does. using natural gas this power plant can produce enough energy for about 600,000 homes. generating electricity that's cleaner and reliable, with fewer emissions-- it matters. ♪ is what makes us different. we take the time to get to know you and your unique health needs. then we help create a personalized healthcare experience that works for you. and you. and you. with 50 years of know-how, and a dedicated network of doctors, health coaches, and wellness experts, we're a partner you can rely on -- today, and tomorrow. we'r
to educate people for the future. >> tucked in golden gate park is a tranquile place, where lives are snuffed out by aids are remembered forever. and hrufd ones finds a place to grieve. this is a national aids memorial, a fitting place to gath or world aids day. >> brought together different communities that work together, share their experiences and share their collective grieve and magnify their own sense of hope together. inside, photos taken by aids line the perimeter. the hurt the disease caused. too raw for some to relive. but, leaders say we must remember. aids is not just our past it is still plaguing communities in this country. >> i often say aids in america today is a black disease, black americans represent 10-12% of the u.s. population and represent nearly 50% of the estimated 1.1 million americans living with hiv. >> he says lack of affordable health care is a big obstacle to fighting hiv but education is another. that is why this student, laura potter, hopes to teach a new generation about hiv. >> i honestly think it has to come town with stigma and doctors need to think about
, south korea, japan and hong kong for its education secretary arne duncan says the solution should include higher academic standards, affordable college and retention of top-notch educators. >>mark: today, president obama will start a new push for the website. in an event at the white house he will highlight people he says have been held by his health or care reform law and website. the president also working on possible subsidies to insurance companies to let people keep their existing insurance plans as was originally promised. the government say most of the glitches on these website have now been fixed. and now that to the website is supposed to be running smoother, consumers are reporting mixed success as they try and lock on to the updated health care exchange. >>james: and man was killed in a shark attack while fishing from a kayak in hawaii. it happened but it off the island of maui. apparently, the fishermen speak for dangling over the edge of his kayak when a shark bit one of them. a friend kayaking near by tried to stop the man's bleeding with a tourniquet
the people at the lower end of the educational distribution. those people need jobs and deserve jobs. unfortunately for the only way to solve the problem is not simply to legislate higher wages if we could do that you could ask, why don't we legislate wages that are $90 an hour instead of nine are ten or $15 an hour. obviouy we know why we don't do that. that would be impractical, and we would lose jobs at an enormous rate if we did something like that. you can't do that. what you have to do is reform the educational system, make sure that these people have the skills that are necessary to compete in a modern economy. melissa: and do what? and do what? i want to run at a time. reck we channel them? are there enoogh jobs fixing the robots, fixing the automated checkout machines, programming them. is there the same number of jobs doing new things to replace the jobs that are being made obsolete by computers and robots and drowns and everything else? >> absolutely. go back to 2007. the and upon the rate was just over 4%. so all of those people that i talked about wd the move from manufa
pr and a push to get young folks engaged in the process and education is going to be the key way to solving the low enrollment and lack of enthusiasm around the law. >> not enough pr, that is what we're hearing this morning. i'll let you respond to that. also, as part of the polling, this comes from united technologies congressional connection poll. about -- actually, more than half of these young people, 18 to 29 who were surveyed said, they actually think the law is going to get repealed. whether that's reality or not, it's the perception. if they think that after three-plus years of what most of us would argue there's been pr, how in the world do you convince them at this point to sign up? >> absolutely, shannon. i think what this really shows is millenials are a whole lot smarter than president obama thinks they are. they have looked at the choices and, as this poll shows, they are not really interested. he catapulted to his presidency by taking this group of people for granted and as much as i think young people want to see some sort of health care reform, they are not reall
pulling women into the workforce like education and service sector. those are still growing but not growing so fast relative to other parts of the economy. that pulled women in. the growth of women's presence in education and higher education, increased in the '70s and 80s and plateaued sometime in the '90s, depending on which measure you look at. and then we really saw strong pattern of women entering men's occupations, especially in middle class jobs, those women, college graduates, but not so much movement the other way. women were entering professions like law and medicine or realty or educational administration that had been previously male jobs. but men weren't going into nursing and teaching preschool and elementary school -- >> let's look at some of those numbers. that is such a shocking part of your study. one in four men actually work in fields you report that are dominated 90% by males. one in three women work in fields that have 80% of women in the workplace of the your study tells the story of a professional environment in the united states where huge, huge port
of that and the policy and educational piece you're trying to work on. it seems different. if you can, tell us anything about what happened at the white house today. >> sure thing. the first thing to say if we know anything from polls young people remain immensely uneducated about this law. only a tiny percentage of young people who know what's in the bill. here at policy mic, the big reason we're launching this to have our generation submit ideas on how to get them signed up and have a conversation. fact we're here at the white house validates the conversation we're having on our site will be a real conversation that people will be taking seriously and listening to. the exciting thing is the top three most voted on ideas will get a response from the white house. we're excited to have this conversation with young people. >> i find what you guys are doing so interesting and so important. you guys are both working together own health care, it seems you're doing a better job than congress these days. as a republican, the republicans are trying to find their way in this conversation. what is your message t
is education. you have more people going to college than ever before, which means more debt, but that doesn't necessarily mean better paying jobs. we're talking about $15 to $20 an hour. do you think raising the minimum wage would have an impact on the way we at least think about education? would more people be less likely to want to go to school if they're getting paid more without having to go? >> i don't think the minimum wage has much of an impact on educational decision. i do think that college is still a good deal, but the reality is that inequality is growing even amongst those who actually go to college. the median college salary is not really keeping pace with the rest of the economy. so again, i think when thinking about the overall picture about inequality, we do need a number of different tools. i think the minimum wage plays one part of that but an important one. >> one of the arguments that corporations like mcdonald's and wendy's in particular like to make is, well, if we raise wages, then we're going to have to raise prices, and you guys don't want that and they throw out th
education and prevention his mission. >> you need to protect yourself, you need to respect yourself. >> reporter: today, smith and others came to prince george's community college to answer questions and most important, to get students tested. >> for prince george's county, this is a big deal. we are second in the state of maryland with new on set hiv cases. >> reporter: part of the event was getting students to talk, open up, to help a group perform skits related to choices college students are faced with. >> people will tell you they are using protection because they don't feel comfortable letting you know they met somebody and didn't use protection. they'll be final because he's nice or cute. >> it doesn't discriminate. if you are having sex, it is possible you could be hiv positive and not know it. >> reporter: the disease doesn't discriminate of the 5600 people living with hiv, 86% of them are african-american. because of the stigma, people still aren't getting tested. >> i don't think that is being discussed in our community as widely and broadly as it should be. >> reporter:
, schools are relying more and more on the internet to help educate students. but is the expense of getting online keeping some kids from getting the education they deserve? peggy fox has the story coming up at 5:30. top. >> a lot of clouds today, but radar is quiet. we are close to seasonal average. temperatures in the 40s. 47 downtown. 46 in gaithersburg. 45 in leesburg and manassas. we'll come back and tell you if you need an umbrella tomorrow or wednesday and tell you when the 60s are going to roll in. >>> after hundreds of fixes to, the obama administration said it is working, but not perfectly. i'm tara in washington with the story coming up. >>> drone to doorstep delivery? the new way you could receive your online purchases. >>> the ceo of amazon has an amazing new plan to use drones in the future. he unveiled the details of the secret research and development project for the first time on 60 minutes. the goal of the plan is to get your packages to your doorstep by mini drones. within 30 minutes after they are ordered. so is this even possible? how quickly can we sign
across the country, among financial backers pledged $9 million to help fund education super highway, based here in san francisco. yahoo acquisition spree continue was latest purchase of pitch. the start up, spun out of dream works animation allows users to remake video was special affeceffects music. >> stocks closing mixed today. the longest slump for the index in ten weeks your bloomberg silicon valley index closing higher. sdroent time to pick out a christmas tree? i love this one. worry not. uber coming to your rescue. the car service teamed up with home depot to deliver christmas trees to customers in ten days the 7 to 8 football noble firs will cost $135. the service will be available while supplies last. from bloomberg studios in san francisco, larry, carolyn, back to you. >> thank you, that will be popular. >> you've got to see this site on a snowy utah interstate. a car rolling along, without a driver. this is thus night. the driver was involved in an accident that threw the car into the barrier. he got out of the car, somehow the car kept going. >> i noticed a gentleman si
education benefits. i work at walmart. i'm a pharmacist. sales associate. i manage produce. i work in logistics. there's more to walmart than you think. vo: opportunity. that's the real walmart. kand i don't have time foris morunreliable companies.b angie's list definitely saves me time and money. for over 18 years we've helped people take care of the things that matter most. join today. to help secure retirements and protect financial futures. to help communities recover and rebuild. for companies going from garage to global. on the ground, in the air, even into space. we repaid every dollar america lent us. and gave america back a profit. we're here to keep our promises. to help you realize a better tomorrow. from the families of aig, happy holidays. >>> welcome back to "the lead." he showed the world the true meaning of resilience and during 27 years as a prisoner in his native south africa, emerging from that torment to become his country's first black president, leading his people out of the ugliness that was apartheid. we are today remembering the remarkable life of nelson m
world aids day and one man says the traditional forms of educating people about the virus, they aren't effective. this is how he plans to make a world of difference in providing knowledge for youth. >> reporter: tom hays never thought he would be the face of a national campaign for world aids day. like so many other young people he says he didn't know much about the disease. that is until it was too late. two years agos hays found out he was hiv positive. >> i felt i'd been let down by my school system and other places i expect to get special health information from. i was a 25-year-old gay man living in london. i knew something about sexual health so i set out to create something that was approachable, yet educational for younger people. >> and so he started beyond positive, an online magazine geared toward helping young people understand the disease. >> we get near a hundred e- mails a day and most of them are people in their teens asking very very basic questions about safer sex, hiv, and std's, stuff you hope anybody would know. >> world health organization says young people woul
in providing education, counseling, care to people with aids and hiv. overseas, pope francis marked world aids day. he addressed thousands of people who gathered at st. peter's square. the pope called on catholics around the world to pray for those suffering from aids and hiv. he also asked people to pray for the doctors and researchers working to find treatments and a cure for that disease. funeral services were held in south carolina today for a postal worker who was shot and killed in prince george's county. family members and friends gathered in rock hill to say goodbye to tyson barnette. he was killed while delivering mail along reed street and landover. relatives say barnette was a good man. >> he is the type of guy that anyone could love. people --cared about we never thought it would happen in our family. >> police are still looking for barnette's taylor. yesterday, officers handed out flyers in the neighborhood where barnett was killed hoping to get some leads. a gunshot was fired aboard a metro train. metro transit police say two men got onto an argument on an orange line train that
we could save or have people contribute to our kids' college education, as well as teaching our kids how to donate to things that are meaningful to them and that is how triple the gift was born. >> so how does it work? it sounds like a gift registry or wedding registry. >> right. you personalize it, a person can put the child's name, event, joey's christmas registry, and a special message for family and friends to see. they invite family and friends to see it through e-mails, with a link or can directly e-mail from the website that we set up a registry. >> do you list what you want for the child as well as gifts or amounts of money if i donations? how does that work? >> you can definitely put in there any sort of message. if that child is saving for a special technological gift or whatever. when parents set up the registry, they designate how much for the gift card, how much for college savings and how much for the charity of their choice. >> so is there a service fee or charge to set up the registry? >> there is no service fee to view it. there is a charge for when someone contribut
that the department of education has ordered the acreditting contribution to make changes to keep their standing. the department says that the commission didn't meet federal requirements in the review of city college and has the appearance of a conflict of interest. city college supporters hoped the commission would be invalidated altogether. >> you will notice this morning quit a bit cooler and windy and colder. leyla gulen, a slot going on? >> exactly, and precipitation, as well, from the mount tamalpais camera to san francisco it is bouncing ever-so-slightly and you can see it better from the east bay hills camera. right now, as we talk about temperatures waking up to 49 degrees in santa rosa, and 50 degrees in napa and we head 20 concord, warmer at 53 so more chilly than yesterday. we are looking at gusty conditions up to 30 miles per hour in napa and 32 in oakland and 17 in san carlos, and 12 miles per hour wind in san jose. the winds will diminish overnight and that is when the cold air mass will settle in over san francisco and the bay area. that is going to bring the temperatures down se
's never too late to find a home. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, contest today... a campaigno educate about the effects of cyberbullying. llibelle >>> san francisco's district attorney named an annual winner of the bye bye bulling campaign. the campaign to educate the effects of cyber bulling. this was the winning entry. the 9th grader talking about her own experience with bullying and how she is taking a stand against it. this video is one of 40 submission from san francisco's middle school and high school students. >>> every year thousands of immigrants are sworn in as american citizens, but today san francisco had a highly unusual ceremony. john ramos telling us, it's never too late to find a home. >> reporter: when shok hang chang rolled into the swearing in room, it was the shortest journey for her life, but it was a first for the citizenship office. >> they said we have a 100-year- old applicant. it's once in a bluesmen. >> reporter: october 5, 1913, born in china, but the 21, she moved to hong kong, and she was married. her husband died in 1979, and in 1993 at the age of 80, she moved to canada
that were made from inside sandy hook elementary school the day of killed 20 students and six educators. this is after the state prosecutor dropped his fight to continue withholding the calls. he's been ordered to release them. state's attorney stephen sedensky the third had argued that survivors of last december's newtown shooting deserved special protection as victims of child abuse. >> today. authorities are expected to release the results of autopsies on the two bodies recovered from the fiery crash that killed "fast & furious" actor paul walker and his friend.roger rodas. walker's publicist has said the actor was the passenger when rodas' 2005 porsche carrera gt crashed into a light pole and tree and exploded into flames saturday. the families of both men have provided dental records, which will allow not only formal identification of the bodies, but also official word on whether walker or rodas was behind the wheel. three universal pictures will donate a percentage of the proceeds from fast-and- furious six to paul walker's non-profit. walker helped establish "reach out worldwide"
income and disenfranchised people wouldn't have an education. they give second chances even to people like me. i'm an ex-felon. they have programs set up. >> the commission in charge of junior college is voted to termy nat the accreditation because it was not in compliance with standards. the commission is facing lawsuit claiming the decision was bias. >>> six months from now, i will be saying oh, my gosh, it's hot out there. today it's cold. tonight will be colder. chilly, chilly temperatures. upper 40ss very low 50s. the warmest temperature is sfo at 51. you get out to fairfield, vacaville, stockton, travis, temperatures in the upper 40s. we have some chilly, chilly temperatures. a lot of sunshine. that's the good news. tomorrow morning, it will be a four-dog night or four-cat night. record low. increasing clouds into late friday, rain and very low snow levels look likely into saturday morning. all right. the records for tomorrow, tomorrow, december 5th, you can see napa, 26, 1972, the projection for the airport is 17 to 19. so unless that -- the breeze there kept things up in napa
zuckerburg. >> reporter: this is computer science education week and it doesn't take a fancy computer to learn that has tutorials that will be completely unplugged. >>> amazing shots that have tiger woods smiling. it turns out that the 49ers can beat a winning team and it was huge. that's next. ,,,,,,,,,,,, good morning nelly! woah. hey! have you ever tried honey nut cheerios? love 'em. neat! now you on the other hand... you need some help. why? look atchya. what is that? you mean my honey wand? [ shouting ] [ splat ] come on. matter of fact. [ rustling ] shirt. shoes. shades. ah! wow! now that voice... my voice? [ auto-tuned ] what's wrong with my voice? yeah man, bee got swag! be happy! be healthy! that's gotta go too. ♪ hey! must be the honey! [ sparkle ] sweet. have beaten the seattle seahawks, start the clock n the 4th quarter, >>> 49ers can now show you more importantly that they have beaten the seattle seahawks for the 4th quarter. frank gore will need to get that ball and pick up the great time for as long as that big run for them for the year. and the 28-yard line,
for a country that spends more on education than anything else. it's a key test given to 15-year-olds in 65 countries. the u.s. ranks 36th in math. east asian countries top all three categories in science, the u.s. ranks 28th. only in reading are u.s. students really above average and still pretty much in the middle of the pack. shanghai takes every spot but they hardly represent all of china. it's a slim, slim look about the education system in china. the u.s. slipped in the rankings since 2009. scores are a little changed from the first report in 2000. what's wrong here? the report blames weak u.s. curriculum and education secretary arne duncan calls it a picture of educational stagnation. this is a reality at odds with aspirations to have the best educated work force in the world. he's pushing new common core standards in 45 states. a nationwide drive to standardize education hoping to stem the slide and reenergize american students. brooke? >> we roll on. i'm brooke baldwin here in new york with you today. news after an admission by the engineer at the controls of the speeding train tha
to education. he could have stayed in his community, but he saw -- he started to see himself as an african, not just as a hoso, he started to see himself and see how the white regime was dividing people by stressing ethnic differences and he was able to overcome that. i think that's such an extraordinary thing. >> it's true. it's true. he was a courageous human being and full of the idea that he was on a journey, and he had something to do, he had a place to be, and it's fabulous to realize that there's an old spiritual, old gospel song which is i'm on my journey now, mount zion, on my journey now, mount zion, and i wouldn't take nothing, mount zion, from my journey. mount zion. he was on the journey and he knew it and he had something to do. and this is what each of us has, if we have enough courage, we can say i'm on a journey, i have a charge to keep. >> you were living in cairo with your husband, south african freedom fighter when you first met nelson mandela. i understand your husband and mandela were something of rivals, but that didn't matter to mandela. tell us about that experienc
already in place. >> we do take a very pro-active position on how do we educate our kids to really get along with other kids. >> reporter: they are also hiring a full-time compliance officer to make sure the antiviolence, anti-bullying efforts are carried out properly. they point to a 25% reduction in suspensions, districtwide, in the past few years. 185 students were suspended last year for bullying, the majority in middle school. while making gains, it's understood bullying will not be eliminated. >> can't fix it. it will be like those people who just keep it under the curtain. they don't talk about it. >> reporter: which is why district officials actually like cell phone videos. it makes it much more difficult to hide the ugliness that exists. in hercules, ann notarangelo, kpix 5. >> now, the district attorney's office says it does have this case but since it involves juveniles it will not comment on whether charges will be filed. >>> authorities are zeroing in on a suspect who stole a woman's belongings and cat and threw them into the san francisco bay. the cats died before they co
every day. healthcare starting under $40 a month. i got education benefits. i work at walmart. i'm a pharmacist. sales associate. i manage produce. i work in logistics. there's more to walmart than you think. vo: opportunity. that's the real walmart. >>> if you've been suffering from back or shoulder problems lately, could be your cell phone or tablet's fault. >> you're probably not thinking about this, but there's a growing condition out there called i-posture and this is neither sexy nor cool. lesli foster found out doctors are reporting more and more people under age 30 are showing up on their doorsteps with some unfamiliar aches and pains. >> cell phones, tablets, laptops, everything you go people are glued to their devices. mobile electronic use has grown significantly over the past decade and so has the number of people suffering from back pain. >> people don't follow correct body mechanics and we see this often when people use the tablets and iphones. >> take a look. people are hunched over or have slouched posture while they use their tablets and mobile phones and this c
. the education department told the country's biggest loan servicer sallie mae that removes the government services despite they be under investigation by 3 federal agencies and awaiting impending enforcement due to unlawful practices. director richard core dray says quote by making sure the companies comply with federal consumer law we can ensure the marketplace for consumer loans is operating more effectively. $1.2 trillion outstanding debt is now the second largest source of household debts. more than 85 percent of that comes from federal loans. hope this plan helps things out. >> diane macedo, thank you so much. >> the time about 15 minutes until the top of the hour. still to come the city bans this girl from selling mistletoe to raise money for her braces. wait until you hear what they told her to do instead. >> call it an early christmas gift. someone is leaving tips around the country to the tune of thousands of dollars. >> wouldn't that be a great gratuity. >> it would. >> i can hardly wait to hear about that. coming up are new cutbacks making it harder for military members to surv
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philadelphia. >> this nation must invest in the education for all its children. >> last month at pennsylvania conference for women, speaking to an audience of more than 6,000, she was a keynote alongside hillary clinton. >> i want to give her another round of applause for doing a great job of anyone, a principal. >> her speech was electrifying. >> restoring hope and giving students the sense that anything is possible became my primary responsibility. i reminded the students that hope did indeed reside? strawberry mansion high school. and most of all, everyday i told them, if nobody told you they loved you today, you remember, i do. >> bravo to principal wayman. and our thanks to diane sawyer. >>> to find out how can you help strawberry mansion, go to our website at zero across the entirety. quite co ♪ i love it! ♪ thank you grandma for the dolls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ i'm ninja kicking through the halls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ mom's posting pictures on your wall. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday. ♪ i picked it out in a snap ♪ what made it genius ♪ was my camouflage wrap ♪ that's
now. >>> when it comes to our educating our students, the united states is falling behind again. the woman who turned around the dc school system knows how to fix it. michelle ree is up next. >>> martin bashir resigns after making disgusting comments about sarah palin. she's here to respond for the first time on tv. you'll see it only on "fox & friends" in about a half hour >>> the answer to the aflac trivia question, frankie muniz. the winner is jill from georgia. she'll get a copy of "george washington's secret six" which i will sign and we will send. >>> when it comes to educating our students, the united states is falling behind again. >> just take a look at the latest test results. we have american students, they didn't make the top five for reading, in fact, they fell to 17th overall. >> when it comes to science, we came in 21st. >> the worst of all, math, where american students ranked 26. >> right. so why do our students keep ahe? michelle ree is the founder of students first and former chancellor of dc's public schools. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> certainly
advocate from abbvie for one-to-one support and education. every day we're working to and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to america. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here. through all of our energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world. in fact, we've invested over $55 billion here in the last five years - making bp america's largest energy investor. our commitment has never been stronger. you give them the giggles. tylenol cold® helps relieve your worst cold and flu symptoms. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more. tylenol cold®. >>> a sheriff in south carolina refuses to lower the u.s. flag in honor of nelson mandela. sheriff clark has a reason. >> he said it should be reserved for american citizens. he said this honor should be reserved for american citizens. take a listen. >> show a sign of respect for what nelson mandela is doing. but in our country it should be the people. >> he went onto say that it should be lowered at the u.s. embassy and he is receiving overwhelming support. take a look at these fac
. >> this is computer science education week and it doesn't take a fancy computer to learn. there's tutorials that can be done online. >>> well some of americas most talented people were honored last night. >> singers with the body of work spanning decades were awarded in front of the president and the first lady. well that performance was in honor of carlos santana. could listen to that all day, he along with billy joel were recognized at the kennedy center honors event in washington d.c. president obama saluted the honorees. the show will air on the 29th on kpix5. >>> 4:56 right now. four u.s. presidents are headed to south africa to celebrate the life of fell san monday dell a. we'll have more on the special ceremonies planned for this week coming up. >>> just up, i'm bundled three layers down. >> people all over the bay area are shivering this morning, there's a freeze warning in effect through the day. >>> storms came out of know where. it just hit us. honestly. >> it hit us and then i'm slipping and sliding. >> commuters across the country are up against the elements this morning. snow and ice a
to be a show of force from new york to san francisco to, quote, reclaim the promise of public education, but an expose in politico shows the growing trouble of the unions around the country. they have lost 7% of its membership since 2009. another decline could plunge member rolls to below 3 million members. >>> the senate has fewer than 179 working hours left in the year and on the docket is an extension of long-term unemployment benefits. senator rand paul is opposed because he says it would do a, quote, disservice to workers. >>> kentucky's other senator mitch mcconnell is warned of bumps. mcconnell's opposition to obama care could haunt him. kentucky is one state with one of the highest enrollments in the program. >>> two reporters getting the go ahead into the world of hillary clinton. jonathan allen and amy parent will be given rare access to clinton insiders for a new book out titled "hrc and the rebirth of hillary clinton." >>> former rnc chairman ed gillespie is considering a run to the senate and considering challenging mark warner next year. republicans have yet to land a top
, correct? >> i work with the best hackers and crypto experts in the world and lucky enough to be educated by them to understand what really happens on internet and kind of information is available to bad guys and good guys making money. all of that was really, that education is what really brought me to build wicker. it's a way for my friends and family to communicate and not have to worry about someone else watching them. lori: so what can you tell me about the technology? essentially data disappears after six days. you can program the time period if you want? >> exactly. in order for a message to truly self-destruction, 2 has to be anonymous, private and secure. we also, forensically wipe everything on the device after it is gone. we delete the metadata and bind the messages to the device. on top of using top secret encryption. lori: could you take a screen grab though. >> that is a really good question. in the version 2.0% releasing this coming week we actually took out the anti-tam perking, anti-screen tab technology because we wanted to prove a point that we always say this is, this
saw it and were going to get some folks out here take care of it with and do a little education >> and with a few minutes siren sfpd solos were on the scene educating nats: and if you look at the spot right here you are not suppose to enter till right here how do you tell the difference there is a line right there in the street right there maligned and enforcing the rules of the bike lanes. nats: all the way to the right >> these dedicated bike lanes are for bicylist unless you are about to park but you can't cruse the bike lane looking for a spot you can only merge when there is a break in the bike lanes a break simiilar to this muni buses are not allowed to use the bike lanes to keep on schedule bike lanes are for bikes >> this guy gave me a piece of his mind after being caught in the bike and receiving a >> i teach journalism at the univeristy and im serious about this i don't see you being part of the solution i see you getiing some good film. so there you have it he was diving illegally in the bike lane and it's my fault . >> state law prohibits people from driving in the b
. and that is what we are doing. we are putting billions into a program which will bring to them education, health, electricity and running water and sewerage and the basic immunities which you and i expect of our authorities to give us. the policy of moving the bedouin will not become law until the kin es et passes it. it is expected to happen soon. the bedouins are determined to stay. israel is unlikely to change its position. >> the nfl regular season winds down. week 13 is separating the contenders from the pretenders. real-life imitates hollywood. fans remember "fast and furious" star paul walker who died in a fiery crash. "fast and furious" not in the conversation >> paul walker's autopsy is being delayed. it's being postponed to wait for dental records. walker is known for the "fast and furious." he died in a fiery car crash outside los angeles. officials say the body was unidentifiable after being badly burnt. walker's fans are honouring his life. his latest project "fast and furious vii" will be put on hold. >> ross is here with sport. a wild day in the nfl. >> teems lighting up the scor
are promoted every day. healthcare starting under $40 a month. i got education benefits. i work at walmart. i'm a pharmacist. sales associate. i manage produce. i work in logistics. there's more to walmart than you think. vo: opportunity. that's the real walmart. >>> a train flies off the tracks in new york killing four, injuring dozens. harrowing tales from survivors. the question this morning -- what went so wrong? we are live with the latest on the investigation. >>> the white house's deadline to fix the obama care website has passed but have the technical problems been fixed? what the obama administration is saying and what still needs to be done. >>> fury in the streets as thousand riot in ukraine and threatening to overcome that government. is revolution in the air? we are live. >>> welcome back to "early start." quite a situation there. i'm john berman. >> i'm zoraida sambolin. nice to have you with us this morning. >>> the ntsb investigators have recovered on so-called event recorders from a metro north commute train. that may help determine the cause of the deadly derailment in new
failure to make our school safe. >> reporter: educators say the anti-bullying conversation really needs to start along before the students reach middle and high school where the incidents can be a lot more serious. even life threatening. tonight at the meeting, they will go over the policies and programs in place, talk about how to improve those and probably get an earful from parents and students here in this community about what they are seeing on these campuses. in richmond, lori anthony, abc 7 news. >>> wildlife rangers in australia have solved the mystery of a missing video camera after it recorded the unusual feast in action. >> watch this. is this really amazing footage. the camera recorded after it was stolen by a bird. the sea eagle carried the camera about 70 miles before dropping. >> the bird even poses for a selfie at the end here. pretty cool. the camera was originally set up to record crocodiles and the rangers say they plan to bolt it down from now on so something like this doesn't happen again. >> just getting in on social media probably. document the trip. >>> that is a
's county is using world aids day to educate students about the disease. an aids awareness seminar took place today. students were able to get their blood tested. the theater group performed skits to get students to talk about prevention. they have the second highest number of hiv aids cases in the state. 5600 people are infected with the disease. 86% of them are african-american. >>> doctors are working to reduce the number of twins born after advanced fertility help. twins have a higher likelihood of premature birth and health problems. the number of larger multiple births increased. a conference for the american society of reproductive medicine discussed the trend and the goal to start with one embryo rather than multiples. >>> a medical technician is accused of infecting dozens in maryland with hepatitis. today, he learns his role. >>> a plane swarmed by paramedics upon landing. >>> today investigators in scotland say the pilot of a police helicopter didn't put out emergency calls just before crashing through the roof of a crowded pub in glasgow last week. the chopper was removeed f
on how do we educate our kids to really get along with other kids. >> reporter: they are also hiring a full-time compliance officer to make sure the efforts are carried out properly. they point to a 25% reduction in suspensions districtwide in the past few years. 185 students were suspended last year for bullying. the majority in middle school. but while making gains, it's understood bullying cannot be eliminated. >> i don't think you really can fix bullying because it's still going to be like those people who just keep it under the curtain. they don't talk about it. >> reporter: which is why district officials actually like cell phone videos. it makes it much more difficult to hide the ugliness of that exists. in hercules, ann notarangelo, kpix 5. >> the d.a.'s office says it does have this case but since it involves juveniles, it won't comment on whether charges will or will not be filed. >>> other bay area headlines, a man hit and killed by two cars in san mateo has been identified as 58-year-old scott van dyke. police say van dyke was not in a crosswalk when he was hit this morni
role for sasha. >> i think we are all interested in educating the greater community worldwide. that tolerance is extremely important. >>reporter: sasha left school today accompanied by some friends who have supported the teenager throughout these difficult moments. in berkele berkeley, lee ann, abc 7 news. >> well i hope you had a chance to spend a little time out doors today because it was absolutely stunning as it has been for daisy but if you go out in the next couple days wear a park a. >> please do. >> really cold. >> carry a space heater with you. it's going to get very cold especially during the over nature early morning hours. i have my space heater. here's live doppler 7hd. we have partly cloudy to mainly clear skies at the moment. cold front will be pushing through tonight and snot going to bring us anything but colder weather but it is going to bring winter lake weather over to the sierra where winter weather advisory in effect for the central sierra beginning at midnight continue until 4:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon and above 6000 feet 3 to 6 inches of snow
for a long time. >> the fact that you and other young people received the education, maybe they had it in school and know about safe sex, they're still getting infected. how do you overcome that and stop it? >> well, that is the challenge, because they think nothing can happen to them. at the end of our day in our community we have to start accepting those who are gay in our family. it is like my son, e. j. came out. it is important that cookie and i support our son, we're going to support him 100%. but we're in the minorities in this. in the black community, young gay men or young ladies who are lesbian, they're afraid to tell their parents. >> you mentioned your son. and you have been incredibly supportive of your son when it was publicly known he was gay, you just made a really moving statement of support with you and your wife. in terms of parents having the conversation about hiv/aids with their kids, is that a conversation that you and your wife had your sons early on? >> yes, that is what happened, i had to tell them early on how i got hiv. if they're going to have sex later
college, with the department of education now ordering the commission for community and junior colleges to make changes to keep their standing. the department says that the commission did not meet federal requirements in the review of city college and has the appearance of a conflict of interest. they hoped the commission would be invalidated altogether for city college. >> we feel it. the bay area is in a cold snap. we are in the south bay where the preparations are ahead for the fridge it temperature coming our way. >> first, if you suffer from migraines, doctor could know the cause and it is something that is probably inside your home right now. >> we talked about the cold but we have gusty winds and here is a look at sfo where they have a little bit of a difficult morning for outbreak in over a decade. was the biggest flu before the first sneeze... help protect with a spray. before the first tissue... help defend with a wipe. and help prevent with lysol. to get 10x more protection... and kill 99.9% of germs around the house. this season, help protect your family with lysol. start he
, is not facing any charges. >> our record speaks for itself. look at the fiscal stability, education, the way people are getting back to work. >> some of gray's opponents are already criticizing him for running again. tommy wells says the mayor doesn't deserve a second chance because he ran a corrupt campaign. >> and new, vice president joe biden is taking a stance against china's air defense zone. earlier today he held a press conference. biden told the u.s. he is deeply concerned about china's attempt to change the status quo in the east china sea. china wants all aircraft entering airspace over water around its land to notify authorities before hand. the u.s., gentleman want and other allies refuse to recognize. this is expected to dominate conversation when biden travels to beijing tomorrow. >>> and right now secretary of state john kerry is meeting with nato diplomats. they want to persuade afghan leaders to keep international forces inning of beyond 2014. that would include u.s. troops. that was a negotiated plan with afghan president hamid karzai last month. they want to postpone until
. the department of education has ordered the commission for community colleges to make changes to keep their standing. the department says that the commission did not meet federal requirements in their review of city college and have the appearance of a conflict of interest. city check supporters hoped the commission would be invalidated altogether. aa serious contender to unseat oakland mayor with a district has filed papers to run for mayor. she, worked for jerry brown. is far more popular than the mayor in the district. two-thirds of the people across the city view the mayor unfairbly. schaaf will unveil the crime fighting plan next year. >> we will turn it over to leyla gulen for the weather. >> you will need extra layers today as we look at the cameras. it is clear. but you can see the camera is bowsing up-and-down because we have gusty winds. here is a look at the winds as we look at sfo at 18 miles per hour and up to 35-miles-per-hour gusts in forward and 20-miles-per-hour gusts here and these miles per hour in mountain view. the next 12 hours, we are starting off cool at 10 to
discussions about climate change and education policy could be the reason for that spike. the oxford english dictionary shows the word selfie as its word of the year. that means taking a picture of yourself and posting it online. >>> 6:18. we haven't done any selfies today. >> no, not yet. >> those of us of a certain age might remember she blinded me with science. >> i remember that. >> critics -- crickets no one knows. people are cig what? let's move on and take a look at the commute now. the traffic is doing pretty well. it is getting more crowded as you drive in through the east shore freeway. this has ban good morning in the way we haven't had major problems and the commute has been ramping up gradually here and there. we have seen some minor fender benders but nothing all that bad. let's move to the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic here is doing pretty well here. no problems as you drive through. i want to take a look at the santa cruz mountains because we have spotted slow traffic on 17 coming up and over the summit. its not unusual but its beginning to get slower and slower. and we
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